Cloud Native Foundation adds Prometheus monitoring tool as its second hosted project

The launch of the Cloud Native Foundation (CNF) last July caused a few stirs because it brought together a very wide range of companies, including AT&T, Box, Cisco, CoreOS, Docker, Google, IBM, Intel, Red Hat, Twitter and VMware. The idea behind the foundation is to “harmonize emerging technologies and foster innovation in container packaged, dynamically scheduled, and microservice-based application development and operations.”

With Kubernetes, Google donated its open source container management service to the project to kick things off and the CNF’s technical oversight committee officially accepted Kubernetes as its first hosted project in March.

Now that the group has all its governance systems in place, it’s ready to accept its second project, too. This second project is Prometheus, an open-source cloud monitoring solution. The early development of Prometheus was sponsored by SoundCloud.

“The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is excited to host Prometheus as our second open source software project. A modern monitoring and analysis toolkit like Prometheus is a key part of the newcloud native paradigm,” said Alexis Richardson, the chair of the CNF’s technical oversight committee, in today’s announcement. “The TOC is looking forward to working with the project leads to help Prometheus build on its success, with infrastructure, guidance, and marketing support.”

While Kubernetes forms the foundation of many a new container deployments and commercial services like CoreOS’s Tectonic, it takes more than that to build an enterprise-ready cloud deployment.

Prometheus was specifically created to operating in containerized environments and while it was incubated at SoundCloud, it takes its inspiration from Google’s internal Borgmon monitoring tool. Like Borgmon, Prometheus uses time-series data as its source for generating alerts.

The tool is currently in use by Digital Ocean, Ericsson, CoreOS, Docker, Red Hat and Google itself.