John Borthwick, Naveen Selvadurai, and Heather Hartnett to school us on startup studios at TC Disrupt NY

Some of the most influential and successful companies in the game have come out of startup studios. Just look at Giphy, Reserve, and Operator. But what makes a startup studio successful?

At Disrupt NY in May, we aim to find out.

Betaworks’ John Borthwick, Expa’s Naveen Selvadurai, and Human Ventures’ Heather Hartnett will be joining us for a panel called “How A Rising Tide Floats All Ships,” focused on the way that startup studios function.

Part of the reason that startup studios see more consistent success than incubators or traditional VCs comes down to the fact that each company within a studio is part of a team of companies, all propping each other up and helping each other to go further than they would by themselves.

Betaworks is a great example.

Giphy integrates with Poncho, Betaworks’ weather service. Poncho, with the launch of its new alarm clock app, uses the same composers who created the music for Dots.

Whether they are formal integrations or just shared resources, these companies translate their own success into the success of an entire network.

We’ll be looking at three startup studios in very different stages of their life, asking those at the helm to explain how they choose what to accept, the process of building out multiple startups, and all the finer details of their investment strategies.

Borthwick, Selvadurai, and Hartnett join our growing list of Disrupt NY speakers. More will be announced in the coming days and, just so you know, there is only a week left to grab a ticket at the early bird pricing.

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