Google says Chrome now has more than 1 billion users on mobile

Google released version 50 of its Chrome browser last week and it has been rolling out to users for the last few days. The major new feature in Chrome 50 is support for improved push notifications. To celebrate this release, Google today announced a number of new stats for Chrome, which originally launched back in 2008.

Maybe the most significant of these is that Chrome now has more than one billion users on mobile each month. With this, Chrome on mobile joins Google’s other billion-user products like Android, Maps, Search, YouTube and the Google Play store. Chrome on desktop also has one billion users (though quite a few people probably use both the mobile and desktop version and we can’t really add those two numbers to get the total number of Chrome users across platforms).


Google says its users now load 771 billion pages per month (on desktop and mobile combined), and they use Google Translate for 3.6 billion of these pages. The company also says that its data-saving features for both the desktop and mobile now saves its users a total of 2 million gigabytes of data used every month.

On the security side, Google says it now protects its users 145 million times per month from opening malicious web sites.