Hear Talmon Marco, CEO of Juno, at Disrupt NY on rivalling Uber with a driver-friendly app

Uber has defined the market for transportation-on-demand globally with an app that lets you call up a ride (or courier, or food delivery) and charge it with the click of a button — a business that has now received billions in funding from investors. But Uber’s expansion has come with some cracks in its model, and that has created openings for competitors to make their moves. We’re pleased to have Talmon Marco, the founder of one of the latest and most compelling of these — a new, yet-to-launch app called Juno — talk at Disrupt NY.

Marco knows a thing or two about apps. Before starting Juno he was one of the co-founders Viber — the messaging app with nearly 750 million users that was acquired by Rakuten.

Juno is setting out to take a more ethical approach to the ride-sharing business. Giving drivers shares in the company, Juno hopes to create a service that gives those drivers better returns in the short and long run, thereby creating a better service overall, one that also sits well with the passengers using it.

At Disrupt, we’re going to be sitting down with him to hear more about his latest venture, and why he thinks that Juno has what it takes to succeed in an area where many have faltered trying to compete against Uber.

Disrupt NY is quickly shaping up to be one of our best shows ever and we’re pleased to say it’s our first one in Brooklyn. Goodbye Manhattan, hello Red Hook!

We would love it if you could join us at the event. Tickets are still available.