Logitech snaps up wireless earbuds maker JayBird for $50M

Consumer gadgets standby Logitech has acquired JayBird, a maker of fitness-focused wireless earbuds and trackers, for $50 million in cash, the companies announced today.

“The Jaybird team will have all the scope to innovate they had before,” said Rory Dooly in a post on the Logitech blog. “They’ll continue to feed the Jaybird brand and design products like the latest X2 wireless buds.”

Matt likes the X2s and Darrell liked JayBird’s other gear, so it looks like Logi has bought themselves a solid business here.

In addition to the cash, $45 million is on the table should growth targets be hit over the next two years.

“It has been an incredible journey,” JayBird founder Judd Armstrong wrote in the press release announcing his company’s acquisition. It’s a familiar refrain, but perhaps with Logitech looking on approvingly from above, JayBird will now be able to fly free and untethered, like the wireless headphones it loves so much to create.