Together, we can make this auto-Facebooking camera harness for dogs a reality


Look at that face.

The problem with Facebook isn’t the amount of pictures of dogs, it’s the lack of pictures by dogs. Finally someone is addressing this scourge — unfortunately, it’s an ad agency. So this isn’t a sponsored post, but it may as well be.

“The Posting Tail” is a ridiculous prototype device created by Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid for Pedigree. A Raspberry Pi monitors a tail sensor, waiting for excited wags — which it can, the creators claim, tell apart from ordinary wags. When it detects one, a camera mounted on the stable “croup” area on the back half of the dog (look it up) takes a picture and immediately uploads it to Facebook via an attached mobile data dongle.

You’ll probably want to create a new account for your dog, or page anyhow, since dogs aren’t technically human. On the plus side, the new Monkey Selfie precedent means that dogs can’t participate in the copyright process, leaving any viral earnings to you.

There’s only one of these rigs, alas, though any of our readers located in Spain can apply at to try the Posting Tail for a week.

As much in jest as this product may be, it actually seems like something many pet owners would love — pet wearable companies are already being purchased for nine figures, and devices like the Petcube are likewise gaining popularity. A social media platform actually mounted on a dog is surely the next step. At least… it’s the step we deserve.

Please, tell Pedigree to make this gloriously dumb idea a real product.