These mixed-reality trailers show you exactly what gaming on the HTC Vive is like

One of the toughest things about VR gaming is explaining it to people who have never played it. That can be a tough obstacle to companies trying to get consumers to buy expensive virtual reality headsets.

After months and years of anticipation, the HTC Vive virtual reality headset is officially out. Check out my full review here if you’re debating between a Vive or a Rift or just want to se what the hell all of this virtual reality nonsense is about.

Alongside the official launch, Valve (who collaborated closely with HTC on the SteamVR OS, is showing off some really awesome mixed-reality trailers that are great ways of highlighting for consumers exactly what it looks and feels like to experience the Vive.

More footage of gameplay is available on Valve’s site. The Vive is on sale now for $799 and ships with download codes for Fantastic Contraption, Job Simulator and Tilt Brush.