Google’s Nexus security update for April fixes 8 critical Android bugs

Google is releasing the monthly security update for its Nexus Android devices today and with it, it is also announcing a list of the security vulnerabilities it has patched in this release. This month, the update includes patches for eight critical bugs, including one that affects the infamous libstagefright library, which has already seen its fair share of well-publicized vulnerabilities.

Google notified its partners about all the issues in this new bulletin two weeks ago and for them (and anybody else who is interested), source code patches will be made available through the Android Open Source Project in the next two days.

Google notes that the most severe of this month’s issues would have allowed remote code execution on an affected device “through multiple methods such as email, web browsing, and MMS when processing media files.”

The majority of the issues fixed with this update were first reported between late 2015 and February 2016. In total, this month’s update fixes just under 30 known vulnerabilities.

Nexus users should see an update for their phones pop up pretty soon. Now that at least a few other manufacturers are following Google’s lead in releasing monthly updates (or are at least promising they’ll do so), chances are they will also soon fix most of these vulnerabilities, too.