Shoowin lets you reserve playoff tickets to sports events on the cheap

All sports fans love a good playoff game. But actually attending one is something most folks never have the chance to do. The ticket prices for these games, from pro basketball to college football bowl games, is exorbitant. Plus, you don’t even know if your team is going until way late in the season, when prices are at their highest.

Shoowin, a new startup backed by BBG Ventures, is looking to help out.

Shoowin creates partnerships with leagues and sports teams for an allotment of tickets that can be reserved at low prices.

March Madness is a great example.

Let’s say I’m a big Syracuse fan, but can’t afford March Madness tickets. (The former is false, the latter is true.)

With Shoowin, I could buy a $20 reservation to a Syracuse playoff game at the beginning of the season. The longer the season goes, and the more likely it is that Syracuse goes to the final four, the more that reservation is worth.

I could trade that reservation with other Syracuse fans a few days before the big game and keep the profits, or I could actually attend and get a ticket for the original $20 I put down, plus the face value cost of the ticket.

In most cases, that’s a difference of at least $1000.

There are a number of packages that are going to be available through Shoowin when it launches officially, which will be for the fall college football season. For example, I could reserve tickets to all playoff games that the UGA Bulldogs make. On the other hand, I could reserve a ticket to the Sugar Bowl, regardless of the team.

Shoowin raised $1.25 million in seed funding, led by BBG Ventures, to get the platform off the ground and is currently working with teams and leagues to build out reservation availability.

You can learn more about Shoowin here.