Lobster lets you sell your Facebook photos to advertisers

Lobster, the marketplace for buying and selling user generated content, has just announced an integration with Facebook. This means that Facebook users can sign up with Lobster to sell their content to advertisers.

Here’s how it works:

Facebook users can sign up with Lobster to have their Facebook photos marketed on the platform. Advertisers (or regular folks) can then browse through those photos to license them at $2/piece or on a subscription basis. The majority of the commission goes to the content creator, with a small cut going back to Lobster for facilitating the transaction.

But let’s say that an advertiser for Pepsi stumbles upon a Facebook photo of Jack and Jill drinking a Pepsi, but it isn’t listed on Lobster. Lobster will then facilitate communication between Pepsi advertisers and Jack and Jill to see if the content creators would be interested in licensing that photo to make some money.

Lobster launched out of Disrupt Europe in 2014, starting with Instagram and Flickr content licensing.

Recently, the company expanded to include YouTube videos, with licensing costs at around $7/video.

You can learn more about Lobster here.