Sony’s PlayStation VR headset bundle will cost $500, pre-orders start March 22

Earlier this week, Sony announced that its PlayStation VR would be available for the low price of just $399. Given that competing VR headsets like the Oculus are at least $200 more expensive, people were pretty excited about it. In fact, purchases of the PlayStation camera went up 3000 percent on Amazon (Move controllers went up 1000 percent), according to Ars Technica.

Turns out, interest in the Move controllers and Camera following the announcement makes a whole lot of sense, given that Sony just announced that those items are necessary to use the PlayStation VR headset on the majority of its compatible games.

This morning, Sony announced the price of the bundle (complete with the Sony Camera and Move controllers, and the VR Worlds collection of mini games) for $500. Sony explained that the Camera is required for positional tracking, and that most of the games require Move wands in order to play.

The Camera’s MSRP is $60, while the Move controllers cost $50 each. That said, Amazon is listing the Camera at $44 and the Move wands at $24, so the PlayStation bundle costs about the same as you’d spend buying the items individually.

Still, Sony’s VR headset (even with the more expensive and necessary bundle) is a cheaper experience than competing products, like the Oculus Rift (starting at $599) and the HTC Vive (starting at $799). That said, you’ll also need the actual PlayStation console, which adds another few hundred onto the price tag.

Pre-orders begin March 22.

[via Ars Technica]