Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley and Jeff Glueck to check-in at Disrupt NY

Foursquare is an institution in the New York tech scene, so it only makes sense for us to have Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley and the company’s new CEO Jeff Glueck on stage at Disrupt New York in May.

As you may already know, Foursquare has recently transitioned Jeff Glueck to the CEO position, with Dennis Crowley moving into a President and Chairman role.

And while that’s the most recent news (which we’ll certainly discuss), there’s plenty to chat about with these two.

For one, Foursquare has made a huge transition over the past couple of years, moving into a position that competes directly with Yelp. In doing so, the company has launched a second app called Swarm, which has taken over the check-in.

Swarm itself has undergone a bit of a shift as well, moving more from a social utility (where people check-in and meet up with each other) to a game.

While Foursquare is a beautiful and useful alternative to Yelp, the company seems to be having trouble changing user behavior from other place recommendation services.

We’ll chat with both Dennis and Jeff about Foursquare’s future.

Dennis’s wife Chelsa is pregnant and expecting the week of Disrupt, so we may have some fun drama on stage if he gets the call during his chat. And if for any reason Dennis can’t make it, we’ll have his J Crowley, VP of product, on stage in his stead.

It should be a great chat.

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