Google adds support for Microsoft Office, Facebook at Work, Slack and others to its single sign-on solution

Google doesn’t just offer its own web-based productivity apps, but it also offers a service for business users who want to use Google as an identity provider for accessing other online services using the widely used SAML standard.

Today, Google is adding a few new options to this program, which now includes a number of Google competitors. Among the 14 new pre-configured options are the likes of Microsoft Office 365, Facebook at Work, New Relic, Concur, Box, Tableau, HipChat and Slack.


As Shashank Gupta, a product manager for Google Apps for Work, stressed in today’s announcement, using Google as an identity provider also means businesses canĀ also use all of the standard security features that come with using Google accounts — especially on mobile.

“Google’s identity services provide even more security on mobile when combined with Google Apps enterprise mobile management controls like password strength, lock screen requirements and app management,” Gupta writes. “These can work in tandem with the increasing number of mobile security options, from hardware such as fingerprint readers, to software such as Google’s Smart Lock.”