Facebook 360 content finds a new virtual home on Oculus Video

Zuck announced last month that Facebook would be bringing the company’s 360 dynamic streaming to Gear VR to improve experiences. Now, the company is giving users a crazy amount of personalized content to check out with direct Facebook integration.

Oculus announced today that the Oculus Video app on Gear VR would be incorporating a new Facebook video tab that lets you connect your Facebook and Oculus accounts to bring personalized info — based on who you’re following — to your VR content absorption experience.

By integrating personal info from Facebook, this is a massive first step for parent company and child that will be sure to give individual VR users a more custom experience across virtual reality verticals that will undoubtedly grow beyond social video going forward.


The feature will allow users to not only view and browse VR content but will actually allow users to share videos directly to Facebook from the Gear VR while in the headset. Actions like responding to the feature with a Reactions emoji are also coming “in the coming weeks.”

These changes come as Oculus is already looking to increase the social nature of user experiences in VR with new features allowing people to hop into VR spaces with friends and interact together.

Whether mobile VR becomes the next content absorption platform for Facebook to tackle is anyone’s guess at the moment, but the company is definitely looking to utilize its Oculus platform more to expand social interactions in virtual reality.