Amazon debuts its first live show that lets you shop while you watch

Amazon’s foray into fashion continues today with the launch of what will be the company’s first daily live show, called Style Code Live, which will feature fashion and beauty tips and advice from style experts and viewers. However, the more interesting aspects to the new program will be the ability to shop the products while you’re watching, access links to those products on Amazon, as well as a way to interact and ask questions in real-time during the show through a live chat interface.

Hosts will chime in to respond to viewer comments and questions in the live chat, giving the show more of a community feel.

Another interactive feature will be the Style Code Love Bag, which offers a way to send virtual feedback. Viewers will “applaud” the various segments and products by clicking on the bag, which then fills with confetti. The bag will release the confetti when it gets full.

In addition, a Style Carousel underneath the video player will highlight the products being shown on the program, and links will be provided, allowing users to find the items both on and off Amazon.

The show, which premieres tonight, is not only Amazon’s initial debut of a live TV show of sorts, but also its first experiment with an interactive commerce experience.

To what extent this show will actually resonate with viewers or increase sales, of course, remains to be seen.

The program itself is a 30-minute stream that’s being made available on weeknights at 9 PM ET (6 PM PT) to all who visit the website. It features hosts Lyndsey Rodrigues, Rachel Smith and Frankie Grande – all who have television and broadcast backgrounds. Rodrigues previously hosted MTV’s “Total Request Live,” while Smith is a correspondent at ABC News for “Good Morning America” and “Nightline.” Meanwhile, Grande is a TV personality who has appeared on CBS’s “Big Brother 16” and performed on Broadway in “Rock of Ages.”

“Style Code Live’s” overall format will include covering the latest fashion and beauty trends using a combination of guest experts, celebs and viewer tips. It’s kicking off its opening week with a couple of bigger names dropping by, including Grammy winner Meghan Trainor, actress Keri Russell, YouTube star Tati Westbrook and fashion blog “WeWoreWhat” founder Danielle Bernstein.

The show’s debut comes at a time when Amazon has been investing in making itself better known as a fashion brand and destination. The online retailer quietly introduced its own private label fashions on the site, it was revealed last month, and some analysts believe that Amazon could pass Macy’s to become the No. 1 seller of clothing in the U.S. as soon as next year.

However, the new show will not be the first “shoppable” experience to take place on Amazon’s platform, we should note. Earlier this month, shopping network HSN released its “Shop by Remote” app for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, which allows users to both watch HSN programming and shop at the same time, using the device’s remote control.