Augmented Reality Computer Vision Startup Wrnch Gets $1.8M Series A Led By Mark Cuban

Talk to anyone in the AR space right now and the phrase “democratizing x” is bound to arise two or three dozen times.

Wrnch CEO Paul Kruszewski says that concept is especially true for the computer vision space, with war chest-toting companies like Magic Leap powering their own technologies while dramatically smaller teams are left to piecemeal their own solutions.

Today, his company, Wrnch, announced a Series A raise of $1.8 million led by Mark Cuban’s Radical Ventures. Aligo Innovation, gr0k and TandemLaunch Ventures also participated in the round.

“As a diversified technology investor, I have a ring side seat to watch how AR/VR is set to change the world,” said Cuban in a statement.  “I am excited to help the wrnch become the go-to tool for computer vision development.”

This funding will allow Wrnch to weather the commercialization phase and prove the business model surrounding their core engine, Kruszewski says.

Kruszewski told me that it’s early enough in the space that not everyone is fully aware of what computer vision is, but he wants to approach their computer vision engine in a manner similar to how Epic Games approached their video game engine, by helping build actual content to draw attention to their computer vision engine.

“We’re working with the various crackerjack computer vision team units on actual production stuff right now,” Kruszewski said. People running Wrnch’s engine will eventually be able to use it to “make mass market Magic Leap kinds of experiences” across devices.