Amazon Partners With Samsung On A Dash-Powered Ink Replacement Service

Amazon Dash, the e-commerce giant’s smart supplies replenishment service, already has a number of deals with major appliance and office equipment makers like GE and Brother, for example, allowing for things like washers that automatically re-order detergent or printers that re-order ink. Today, the company is adding another big name to its partner lineup with the addition of Samsung. Amazon says it will now power ink replenishment service for select Samsung printers, as well.

Like other Dash services, printer owners will have to opt in if they want their ink automatically ordered and shipped.

In this case, customers will sign up for Amazon Dash Replenishment through Samsung’s provided Mobile Print application, which also enables wireless printing from mobile devices. Alternately, they can use Samsung’s “Easy Printer Manager,” a device management console designed for Mac and Windows PCs.


When enabled, the printer will automatically monitor toner levels, and before running out, it will place an order with Amazon for new supplies. Consumers will also be able to configure which toners are automatically ordered when replacements are required, Amazon notes.

Currently, the service will be available with just a handful of printers: the Samsung SL-C430W, SL-C480FW, SL-M2835DW, and SL-M2885FW model printers, says Amazon. Though if successful, it’s likely the lineup will expand in time to future models.

Brother’s partnership is more expansive – the printer maker launched with over 45 Amazon Dash compatible models.

The Samsung integration is similar to Brother’s – except that, in Brother’s case, customers have to sign-up for automatic re-ordering during the setup process or via the Brother website. Samsung offers integrations through its own software for desktop and mobile.

It’s worth pointing out that ink replenishment services in and of themselves are not new. Other manufacturers have been offering their own versions, like HP’s “Instant Ink,” for instance, where HP ships ink as needed. Epson, meanwhile, targeted the ink replacement problem in another manner – with refillable ink tanks instead of cartridges.

What’s different here is that partners like Brother and Samsung are now sending their customers to Amazon, allowing the online retailer to handling the sales, fulfillment of ink orders and delivery to customers’ homes or offices.

Effectively, with these printer deals, it’s a behind-the-scenes way for Amazon to establish a bigger footprint in the office supplies market where it competes with traditional retailers like Office Depot and Staples for orders, as well as big box stores often frequented by small business owners. Devices that handle their own re-ordering are still relatively new, but could easily become more standard as Amazon makes further deals.

In addition to Brother and Samsung, Amazon Dash Replenishment services also power appliances and other devices from Brita, Oster, Obe, Petnet, Clever Pet, Sutro, Thync, Sealed Air, GOJO (Purell), and Whirlpool, reaching into workplaces and homes for things that range from washers to blood glucose monitors.

Samsung’s compatible printers are showcased on a dedicated page on Amazon’s website here.