Reedsy Launches Book Editor To Seamlessly Turn Your Draft Into A Book

Reedsy has been unbundling traditional publishing houses one step at a time. At heart, Reedsy remains a marketplace to find an editor, copy editor, cover illustrator and more. And now, Reedsy also provides a book editor to seamlessly interact with your editors and produce a final book.

This isn’t the first book editor, but Reedsy’s book editor is all about collaboration. It isn’t as powerful as Scrivener or Ulysses, but it isn’t really the point. You can write your first draft in Scrivener, and then do the rest in Reedsy.

You could think about this book editor as a Google Docs for books. It lets you write and edit in your browser and everything is saved in real time. Multiple persons can edit at the same time, make comments and track changes. It replaces the cumbersome back-and-forth process involving Word documents and weird file names.

When everything is done, you can tweak the layout and export your book into a publishable ePub and PDF. After that, authors can self-publish their books on the Kindle Store, iBooks Store or do whatever they want with them. PDFs are compatible with most print-on-demand services.

In addition to Reedsy’s author profiles, today’s new book editor is a great way to make people sign up and use the service. Many authors are looking for ways to have a simple online profile and tools that let them create ePubs and PDFs.

And once you’re hooked up to Reedsy’s book editor, chances are you’ll want to work with an editor, a copy editor, an illustrator or a publicist. Reedsy lets you find freelancers who have been working for years in the book industry and are no longer working for the big editors.

Reedsy lets you find people who have worked on books like yours, talk with them and pay them directly on the platform. The startup knows how this industry works and makes it easier for everyone involved. But you’ll still need to write a book first, and this is no small feat.

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