About.me Adds A Spotlight Button So Users Can Personalize A Call To Action

About.Me, Tony Conrad’s platform for an all-in-one digital profile, has made a few design changes to the site.

Most notably, users will be able to add a spotlight button, letting users customize their call to action. Previously, users were able to link up their Facebook, Instagram, add an email and a website, but couldn’t single out a specific button based on their talents or needs.

With the new Spotlight button, a chef can highlight “View My Restaurant” or a photographer can ask visitors to “Check Out My Portfolio.”

With more and more of the workforce switching over to contract work, About.Me wants to be a sort of customizable LinkedIn for that side of the industry, giving users all the tools they need to show off their skills and get work.

Alongside the Spotlight button, About.me is also streamlining the process of setting up a page with three design templates, allowing for different size photos and amount of text. Though About.me offered loads of customization options for user profiles before, most of that ended up being centered around font size, color, and background colors. With the new templates, users will actually have more options with less detail-oriented customization.

Beyond that, the service is also better optimized for mobile, not only on the consumption side but as a creator. Users will now be able to set up any page from a mobile device without any issues.

About.me spun out of Aol (TechCrunch’s parent company) in February of 2013, and after two years of independence, grew to 2.1 billion profile views per year and 5 million users.

The company didn’t disclose current user numbers or page views stats. That said, the growth of the 1099 economy shows a real opportunity for About.me, and the latest design tweaks to the site should only help the company seize that opportunity.