Jeb! Gets! Phone! Call! On! His! Apple! Watch!

The walking embodiment of the “I’m a PC” guy just discovered that his Apple Watch can make phone calls and he couldn’t be more excited :D

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was doing an interview with The Des Moines Register when his Apple Watch started going crazy. USA Today caught a video of Jeb’s reaction. “My watch can’t be talking,” he said incredulously.

Bush has been a big fan of the Apple Watch, valuing it above such great American pastimes as apple pie, yet it doesn’t seem he has a full handle on the device’s feature set.

The unelectable Eeyore, who apparently likes to refer to his Watch as his “batphone,” was reassured by those journalists around him that the Apple Watch does indeed make phone calls.

His reply? “That’s the coolest thing in the world.”