Visa Checkout Announces Walmart, Starbucks As Merchant Partners

Today, Visa Checkout announced that some major new companies would se starting to utilize the service. Starbucks, Walgreens, NFL Shop, HSN and have all signed on and will be joining Checkout’s more than 250,000 merchants using the express online payments service. integration will also be coming later this year, according to the company.

The online payments platform has shown some pretty rapid growth for the company, with consumers signing up for more than 10 million accounts since its launch 18 months ago. The service is now available in 16 countries and is used by 600 financial institutions.

Visa Checkout’s rollout has been among the fastest and most successful Visa consumer product launches in company history, as merchants and their customers seek easier, more convenient ways to pay with their cards in an increasingly digital world.

The PayPal competitor similarly allows customers to complete payments across payment platforms with a single login and most importantly without having to leave the merchant’s website to do so. Starbucks, Walmart and the other major merchants announced today offer Visa a chance to increase visibility of their product over competitors in collaboration with some rather well-trusted brands.

A new comScore report from Visa details the successes they’ve seen with enrolled consumers completing 86 percent of transactions from their Visa online shopping carts. What’s more notable for merchants is that the survey details that the Checkout customers have a “51 percent higher conversion rate when compared to customers using a merchant’s traditional online checkout.”

“Delivering a seamless payment experience for our customers is a priority for us,” said Ryan Records, vice president of Starbucks Global Card, Commerce & Payment, in a release. “Integrating Visa Checkout as a way to reload your Starbucks card in our world-class digital platforms is a great way to provide our customers with the reload options that are most convenient and relevant to them.”