DietSensor Scans Your Food For Calories

For those of you who count your carbs and calories, DietSensor is looking to make your life easier. The French-based startup has created a tool that scans your food and determines its nutritional value.

The idea is that you can go out to eat at a restaurant or at someone’s home and still keep tabs on your diet…if you don’t mind holding up this gadget.

A CES Innovation Award winner, DietSensor is showcasing its product at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. TechCrunch spoke to Remy Bonnasse, co-founder and CEO.

“It’s the next generation of diet and nutrition apps,” said Bonnasse. “This will do all the heavy calculation for you. You don’t have to think.”

There is a compatible app that keeps track of and displays the nutritional content. DietSensor has worked with doctors and nutritionists to create customized diets.

Bonnasse explained that his product works by using Bluetooth and connecting it with a molecular sensor developed by SCiO. The molecules vibrate and interact with light in different ways, helping to determine what’s inside of the food.

The device will become available in the U.S. in mid-2016 and retail for $249.

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