Box Marketing SVP Whitney Bouck Announces She Is Moving On

Five years ago Whitney Bouck joined Box from EMC Documentum to teach them a thing or two about the enterprise. Today she announced she was leaving the company. Her last day at Box is today.

In an interview with FierceContentManagement right after she joined the company, she likened the experience at Box with her early days at enterprise content management vendor Documentum.

“It’s back to the future. It actually reminds me a lot of the early days of Documentum, which was about half the size Box is now, when I first joined. But it’s been remarkably easy. I actually expected it to be a little bit more of a culture shock than it has been.”

When she joined Box in 2011, she brought with her 15 years of enterprise content management experience. She believes she has passed on that knowledge to her team and it’s time to for a new challenge.

“During my time at Box, I’ve worked hard to impart as much experience and insight as possible to the rest of the team. I feel very successful in that endeavor, and truly believe Box has never been so ready for this next era of providing a modern content and collaboration platform for businesses,” she wrote in an email.

Perhaps the company IPO at the beginning of the year, was the impetus that it was time to move on and try something new. Her colleague, Ashley Mayer, who until recently ran PR at Box, left last month to run brand and talent management at Social Capital.

Bouck has not indicated what she intends to do next or where she will land, but she did hint that after 20 years in the content management business, it might involve something entirely different.

It’s worth noting that she and her husband Eric Bouck, who is founder and CEO at Propeller CRM, recently announced they were partners in a new restaurant in San Francisco called Volta, which officially opens Monday.