Google Launches Faster, More Flexible Version Of Its Cloud SQL Database Service

Cloud SQL, Google’s fully managed MySQL database service on its Cloud Platform, is getting a major upgrade today with the beta launch of version two of the service.

The original Cloud SQL launched back in 2011 and hit general availability a full two-and-a-half years later. Google says that after today’s update, Cloud SQL will feature throughput rates that are up to seven times faster than the earlier version, and the service will be able to scale to up to 10TB of data, 15,000 IOPS, and 104GB of RAM per instance — numbers the first version couldn’t reach.


With this update, Google is also switching up the pricing plan for Cloud SQL. The service now uses the same instance types as Compute Engine and because of this, it also now features Google’s sustained use pricing. This gives you a discount for running a server for more than 25 percent of any given month.

During the beta period, though, everybody will get the full sustained-use discount, no matter how long they actually use their servers.

Here are the full specs for the new version:


Google notes that this second iteration of the service builds on the overall improvements the company has made to its Cloud Platform. While this means more speed, it also means more flexibility now that developers can scale the service to handle even more data.

The new version now also adds High Availability failover and read replication option, as well as configurable backup periods and maintenance windows.

Developers can connect to these databases from virtually anywhere, including Google’s own Compute Engine and their own workstations. The only ones left out in the cold are App Engine users, though, who will have to wait a bit longer before they can connect to the new version.