.@TheNiceBot Delivers Random Niceness On Twitter

It’s a tough world out there. I’ve been writing on the Internet for 3 years now, and I’ve had my fair share of aggressive comments, weird emails and personal attacks. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But sometimes I could use a little bit of niceness.

Meet @TheNiceBot, the only spambot on Twitter that is actually nice. The best way to understand who The NiceBot is and what it does is by reading its Twitter description:

I am The NiceBot. Something mean is posted on Twitter every 60 seconds, so I have been programmed to deliver random niceness every 30 seconds. Have a nice day!

Every 30 seconds, The NiceBot picks a random Twitter user and sends them a nice thing. So far, it has sent 40,000 compliments, making everyone’s day slightly better.

The NiceBot links to Champions Against Bullying. The association has been helping children recover from bullying and violence in general by providing support services to parents, schools, teachers and communities.

But bullying doesn’t stop in the schoolyard. I would even say that it’s worse when everyone is sitting behind a screen. Let’s try to make the Internet a better place. Have a nice day!

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