Apple’s Holiday Ad Features Andra Day, Stevie Wonder And VoiceOver

Apple just shared its holiday video ad, named ‘Someday at Christmas,’ ahead of Thanksgiving in the U.S. and the holiday season. Surprisingly, it doesn’t showcase Apple’s latest and greatest products. Instead, it focuses on music and family time. It also features Andra Day and Stevie Wonder.

The two artists sing around a piano with various shots of kids opening presents and families gathering for the holidays. The only Apple products you can see is a MacBook at the very beginning and an Apple Watch. The Apple logo appears for a fraction of a second at the very end of the ad, showing that the focus isn’t on Apple’s brand.

Interestingly, we can see Stevie Wonder using Garange Band on his Mac at the beginning of the video and using VoiceOver. This feature tells you what’s on your screen and what you can do. Apple’s efforts when it comes to accessibility stand out as many tech companies still lag behind on this front. One of the most fascinating workshops at WWDC was the VoiceOver presentation.

It’s easy to forget how important accessibility tools can be when you don’t rely on them every day. And the brief VoiceOver demo in today’s ad is a nice touch. It shows that Apple’s work shouldn’t be just about selling more devices. ResearchKit is another example of that.

Here’s the video: