Paintzen Inks Deal With Benjamin Moore To Become Official Paint Supplier

Paintzen, having spent the last two years bringing paint into the on-demand economy, is today announcing a new partnership with Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore will now be the official paint supplier for the startup, which matches painting professionals with clients to offer a paint job — in a home or an office — on demand.

“We saw that a lot of people have started to buy paint online, without ever going into a store, which was surprising,” said PaintZen Mike Russell. “We realized that we were missing part of the equation, which is design and paint selection, and saw that we could better serve the customer if we helped with that part of the process and had paint delivered to their door.”

On a quest to deliver that experience to customers, Russell says that Paintzen started to build an informal relationship with Benjamin Moore and its retailers.

That eventually evolved into today’s formal partnership, wherein Paintzen has built out the back-end for the whole process, from paint selection to quotes to booking to payment.

Benjamin Moore doesn’t have its own storefront, but rather sells its product through big and small local retailers. Paintzen will be hooking up with those retailers across the company’s currently active markets, New York and San Francisco.

Russell said that the last quarter in San Francisco saw 265 percent growth from the same time last year, which was when Paintzen originally launched in the Bay Area. For all markets, the company is growing revenue by 175 percent year-over-year as of October.

Paintzen has plans to hit Washington D.C. and Boston in the coming weeks.

Paintzen has raised a total of $9.23 million since launch in 2013. You can check out Paintzen for yourself right here.

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