Tag Heuer Introduces The $1500 Carrera Connected Smartwatch

Tag Heuer has just officially announced their new luxury smart watch called the Carrera Connected.

The company’s CEO Jean-Claude Biver let slip a few details of the watch this morning, in an interview with Le Matin, saying that it will go for $1,500 and have “almost the same functionality” of the Apple Watch.

The smart watch, which has a dumb counterpart in the Tag Heuer Carrera analog watch, will be made of titanium and come with six customizable watch bands.

The Carrera Connected was made in conjunction with Intel and Google, and runs on Google’s Android Wear operating system.

In a presentation in New York, Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver said that this launch marks the marriage of the traditional Swiss watch world with Silicon Valley, and the future. Perhaps more importantly, however, the Carrera Connected represents the market’s first luxury Android watch, meant to compete more directly with the Apple Watch.

The watch comes with three customizable watch faces, with more to be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and is meant to resemble a luxury analog watch as opposed to looking like a smartwatch.

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