Tectonic, CoreOS’s Kubernetes-Based Container Platform, Hits General Availability

A few months ago, CoreOS launched the preview of Tectonic, a container platform based on the Google-incubated Kubernetes container management and orchestration tool. Starting today, CoreOS considers Tectonic to be out of beta.

As CoreOS CEO and co-founder Alex Polvi told me, the team worked with hundreds of customers during the beta and found (and fixed) all kinds of issues. Now, however, the team believes the product is ready for commercial use.

While CoreOS isn’t disclosing its pricing at this point, Polvi tells me that the company will charge according to the aggregate memory used by the cluster. As the amount of memory you need changes, so does the price. “One of the biggest value propositions for containers is that you can work between the cloud and your own data center, so it wasn’t quite fair to charge per node,” Polvi said.

As for Tectonic’s current customers, Polvi tells me that the company has seen a wide variety of users, but some of the best traction has come from companies that are building web services, including some banks and telecom companies.

In addition to announcing the general availability of Tectonic, CoreOS also today announced that it is opening an engineering office in Berlin. The company also today said that Joe Beda, who started Google Compute Engine and helped get the Kubernetes project off the ground at Google is now part of CoreOS’s advisory team.