The Apple TV Is Now Available In Stores

The Apple TV, complete with a brand new remote and its own app ecosystem, is today available in retail stores.

You can pick up the $149 set top box at your local Apple Store, and 9to5mac reports that Best Buy and Target are carrying the device, as well. If you’re ahead of the game, you likely already pre-ordered an Apple TV went they went on sale online last week.

The new Apple TV is unlike Apple’s earlier generations of the device, which simply offered access to apps like Netflix, HBO and Hulu as well as your own iTunes library of content. The new version offers its own apps, created by third-party developers, to offer endless possibilities with the way you compute on your TV.

As part of that, Apple has also redesigned the remote, which is packed with sensors, to allow for more functionality. For example, the new remote comes with a touchpad for sliding control over skipping back or ahead, and has its own accelerometer and gyroscope for motion controls on games.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Apple TV now supports universal search, voice control and Siri integration.

The 32GB model is going for $149 and the 64GB model is available for $199.