CrunchWeek: Apple Is Rich, Zenefits Versus ADP, And Facebook’s Phone Number Battle

Update: Alex would like to give regular host Drew Olanoff a public shoutout, and, with great respect, point out his high moral character. 

Hello, comrades of the revolution, and welcome back to CrunchWeek, TechCrunch’s weekly roundup of all things noteworthy.

This week our fearless leader, Matthew Lynley, was joined by Sarah Buhr and myself. We took a long look at earnings — especially Apple’s simply massive scale — the partial quashing of the ADP-Zenefits beef, and, of course, Facebook’s plan to replace your phone number.

Even if you’re not the most numbers-oriented person, it’s worth paying attention to the current earnings cycle. Why? In short because if tech earnings come in soft, it could harm the valuations of public and private companies alike. Strong earnings, in contrast, could bolster confidence — again, both public and private — and, therefore, the value of your current equity.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Disrupt London is coming up. You know, in case you hadn’t heard.

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