Voyat, The CRM Loyalty Platform For Hotels, Sees 500K New Guest Profiles Per Month

Voyat, the hotel CRM tool revealed by Ben Habbel in July of last year, is now seeing more than 500,000 new guest profiles each month, with operations in 10 different countries across the globe.

The company provides a software tool that hooks into reservation systems and gives hotels insight into individual guests.

For example, Voyat’s V-CRM product would be able to tell the hotel a number of details about an arriving guest, like the number of times they’ve stayed there and past social mentions (both good and bad) about that hotel. Voyat Direct, the company’s other product, would let the hotel offer that guest various perks or discounts.

The idea behind it comes from Habbel’s own frustration as a frequent traveler, often visiting the same hotels repeatedly only to be asked if this was his first visit at check-in. Meanwhile, the hotel industry remains in flux with heavy competition from Airbnb and high commission costs from online travel agencies like Orbitz, Expedia and Priceline.

Hotels have tried to fight back against online travel agencies through the development of their own apps, offering customers perks and various new controls over their visit.

But Habbel says Voyat’s software is giving hotel’s 2.3x the conversion rate for bookings through their own web sites as they were before using the software.


Voyat V-CRM, which lets guests sign up with their own profiles (linked to social networks) to receive loyalty rewards, is seeing 500,000 new sign-ups each month.

Voyat came out of stealth last summer with $1.8 million in seed funding.