Phhhoto Launches On Android

Phhhoto, the animated photo-sharing app that started out as an iPad-powered photo booth for parties, has finally gone live on Android.

The app lets users capture four frames in a row, threads them together and makes them sharable to social networks alongside the main Phhhoto feed. Users can speed up or slow down the frame rate, and Phhhotos that get the most engagement pop up on the #wow feed.

One thing: there is no camera upload on Phhhoto, meaning all the content was shot within the app.

phhhotoandroidLooping GIFs can then be shared out to other social networks like Twitter and Instagram. Speaking of, Instagram cut off Phhhoto’s ‘Find Friends’ access in April, and today launched a direct competitor called Boomerang, which takes one-second looping photos.

That adds more competition to the sector, with betaworks-backed Giphy launching Giphy Cam earlier this year, as well.

But Phhhoto, unlike many photo-sharing apps, has had a revenue model in place from the beginning. The app actually started out as iPad software used at parties to capture moving photo booth shots. The team saw such great feedback that they built out a stand and started renting out the tech, which sends Phhhotos to party-goers phone as an SMS attachment, for professional events.

Phhhoto still operates the Phhhoto Pro business, but the app has grown to over 1 million users in 9 months, a milestone reached back in March of this year. Phhhoto hasn’t shared current user numbers.

You can find the Android app on the Phhhoto website right here.