Twitter’s Fabric Announces Unity SDK Support, Error Logging On iOS And tvOS

Today at Twitter Flight, the company’s developer conference, Twitter announced two new features launched by Fabric’s Crashlytics Labs, the R&D arm of Twitter’s mobile SDK.

First, Fabric announced that it will introduce beta support for the Unity SDK, the popular cross-platform game engine for desktop and mobile games.

After installing the Fabric plug-in, users can add Crashlytics to their game in just a few clicks. Fabric for Unity will also include support for other Fabric developer tools like Twitter Kit and MoPub.

The company also announced that it’s introducing the ability for Crashlytics to log errors within iOS apps and tvOS apps made for the new Apple TV.

Developers will be able to see how many exceptions their code throws, and how best to improve these errors. Recording an NSError is a single line of code, and errors will show up in the Crashlytics console.

Both of these features are available for developers today via Crashlytics Labs.

Twitter Flight Developer Conference