A Collection Of Moments From #TwitterFlight

Twitter’s developer conference, called “Twitter Flight” took place today in San Francisco. Newly crowned CEO Jack Dorsey discussed Twitter’s commitment to the developer communi

Twitter’s Periscope Goes Down During Flight Keynote

I was hoping to share some of the final bits of the Twitter Flight conference with you from my front row seat live and in beautiful mobile color, but was unable to. Seems like Periscope is having a bi

Twitter Announces New Tools, Partnerships For Finding And Publishing Embedded Tweets

Online publishers are about to get a lot more options for embedding tweets in their stories, with Twitter announcing a new “ecosystem” of products around embedded tweets today at its Fl

Twitter Introduces Gnip Insights APIs To Help Brands Better Understand Audiences And Content

Gnip is the company that has been keeping archives of every tweet going back to the first one in 2006. Twitter knew how important this data was to marketers and companies so it acquired the company an

Twitter Adds 8 New Services To Its Fabric Platform, Which Is Used By 225,000+ Developers

Fabric, Twitter's toolkit for developers to build apps on its platform, launched last October. At Twitter's Flight developer conference, its been announced that the toolkit is getting some nice goodie

Twitter Wants To Make It Easier To Tweet Content From Apps

When you’re reaching a new fitness goal or hitting the high score in a game, Twitter wants your followers to know — even if it’s happening in a different app. Today at the Twitter

Twitter’s Fabric Announces Unity SDK Support, Error Logging On iOS And tvOS

Today at Twitter Flight, the company’s developer conference, Twitter announced two new features launched by Fabric’s Crashlytics Labs, the R&D arm of Twitter’s mobile SDK. Fir

Twitter CEO Dorsey Apologizes To Developers, Says He Wants To “Reset” Relations

Twitter’s epic bust up with developers several years ago was one of the bigger bumps in the company’s rocky history, so now, as the social media company is working to reboot the busines

Twitter Revamps Twitter For Mac Desktop App

Today at Twitter Flight, Twitter’s developer conference, the company announced that it had revamped and updated the Twitter for Mac client. Though it won’t launch for a few months (date TB

Watch Twitter’s Flight Conference Live Right Here

Twitter is holding a big press conference in San Francisco in just a few minutes at 10 AM PDT (1 PM PDT, 6 PM BST) — the company is running a bit late. While we expect a few developer announceme