NOLA-Based Meusu Is A Platform That Offers Logistics As A Service

Though the on-demand economy is booming in major urban areas like San Francisco and New York, the southeast has yet to get a comprehensive offering that lets them access the products and services of local stores with the press of a button.

Meusu aims to change all that.

The New Orleans-based startup is an on-demand startup that lets contracted “runners” perform tasks or deliver goods that are ordered via a website (and soon, a mobile app). But unlike most on-demand startups, Meusu hopes to eventually become a platform that lets entrepreneurs build their own services without as much capital investment.

As it stands now, Meusu has runners dedicated to performing any type of task a user might need, from mowing the lawn to picking up a favorite meal and everything in between. These runners have the ability to choose when they work and which tasks they take on.

Beyond that, Meusu partners with established businesses to perform deliveries for them.

However, Meusu also allows for runners to turn their part-time contracted gig into an actual business. For instance, a Meusu runner who takes particular interest for painting projects might start his or her own on-demand painting company. Meusu helps that individual start their own LLC. and then partner with Meusu to manage their own team of runners.

Meusu has raised a small amount of cash from family and friends and is currently working on a mobile app. With more than 2,500 tasks performed, the Meusu team won Audience Choice award at the TC Meetup + Pitch-off in New Orleans last week.

To learn more about Meusu, hit up the website here.