Amazon Launches AWS Mobile Hub To Help Mobile Developers Build Back-End Processes

Amazon today announced the launch of its AWS Mobile Hub based on AWS Lambda at its re:Invent developer conference, a new tool that makes it easier for mobile developer to build the back-end processes for their apps.


As Amazon CTO Werner Vogels noted during today’s keynote, AWS has long offered developers all of the services to run a backend for mobile apps, but those weren’t always easy to use. “What we see often is that mobile developers are really good on the device,” he said. “They find that backend stuff really hard. So we asked ourselves: what can we do to make mobile development much simpler.”

Instead of having to set up lots of different services, the new Mobile Hub will allow Android and iOS developers to pick and configure the services they need for their apps and Amazon will then run those features on Lambda. Options here include the ability to set up user logins, user data storage, app analytics and other features.

In addition to helping developers set up their mobile backends, the service will also make it easier for them to build, test and monitor them, Amazon says. The company claims setting up all of this could take as little as 10 minutes.


AWS re:Invent 2015