Gmail Now Lets You Easily Block Annoying Senders

BlockHere is a small but useful new feature in Gmail that’s launching today: you can now block specific email addresses with two clicks. So whenever you’re getting a lot of email from somebody who is being annoying, you can now easily ban them from your inbox (and after they show remorse, you can unblock them again).

Gmail already allowed you to filter messages and you could always block people that way, but this wasn’t exactly a one-click affair. Now it just takes two clicks.

In the web app, the block feature is hidden behind the reply button drop-down menu, which isn’t exactly where people will be looking for it (or at least I wasn’t because I assumed it would be part of the ‘more’ menu in the Gmail toolbar).

This new feature is now rolling out in Gmail on the web and should arrive on Android over the next week.

On Android, Gmail is now also getting support for Google’s unsubscribe feature that lets you opt out of mailing lists with a single click.