Artomatix Is An Artificially Intelligent Game Designing App

The video game industry is worth a staggering $80 billion. What’s crazier is that more than 60% of game development costs are spent on efforts related to the painstaking process of designing in-game art.

Artomatix, launching today out of SF Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield, is looking to greatly reduce the amount of cash and man hours pumped into designing immersive gaming environments through an artificial intelligence-powered application that renders game art by taking visual cues from data you’ve fed it.

What this means is that developers can easily build infinite legions of zombies by just throwing Artomatix a few quick designs of the developer’s desired zombie aesthetic. From there the program parses the similarities and differences of the previously rendered characters to create an essential average of the wholly unique figures that are then diversified by randomness.

Creating vast landscapes with individualized figures and environmental features is a pretty tall order for indie game developers with scant resources. Artomatix is looking to garner traction with indie developers so that they can continue to court large game production studios, with whom they are already working closely.

Pricing for Artomatix subscriptions runs the gamut based on the capabilities and capacities of the studios involved. Artomatix CTO Dr. Eric Risser told me that they’re looking to pursue a SaaS model with indie developers, charging $30/month for them to rent Artomatix’s software. Major studios can subscribe to the company’s enterprise program allowing them to license Artomatix’s technologies and build them into their existing processes for $100k/year.

Right now, Artomatix is focusing primarily on putting their artificial intelligence engine to the task of tackling video game art, but says that virtual reality and movie productions may not be far behind as the potential usages for the AI-powered software are pretty wide-reaching.