Adi Tatarko Is In The Houzz For TC Disrupt

Founders often like to say that they are passionate about their companies, but it’s not always a sure bet that your labor of love can be converted into a grand slam success. Yet that is exactly what has happened with Houzz, a home decorating and remodelling online community and marketplace.

Started by Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen in 2009 as a site where the pair could collecting interesting information to use in their own house renovation, Houzz picked up traction with friends and before long the couple found themselves moving it from side-project status into their main business, leaving respective roles in investment and eBay in the process.

For a company that has reportedly catapulted into the unicorn club, the team at Houzz has eschewed the limelight to keep their heads down building their business, and it has boomed. The site now has 35 million unique visitors per month, nearly triple the number it had two years ago, and over 800,000 active home professionals from architects and decorators through to carpenters who use the site to engage with consumers looking to improve their homes.

The company is now also building in more marketplace features, allowing users not only to look for inspiration and find people to help them make it happen, but also letting them buy the products to complete the process.

Tatarko, who leads the company as the CEO, is an inspiring person to hear speak. Accessible yet incredibly focused, she has an interesting story to tell about how to build a startup in the Valley that stays true to itself even as it continues to rise into the clouds.

Join us at Disrupt to hear more from her, and find out if she and Cohen ever completed their own home renovation project.