Raises $8M Series A Round For Its Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Services today announced that it has raised a $8 million Series A round led by Baseline Ventures with participation from Bain Capital Ventures, Divergent Ventures, Ignition Partners, and Cloud Capital Partners. The company previously raised a total of $5.5 million in seed funding.

The company’s two flagship products are the IronMQ message queue service and the IronWorker worker platform for running parallel tasks at scale. At its core, these services are meant to make it easier for developers to adopt a microservices architecture — that is breaking down traditionally complex applications into smaller, more manageable independent parts that talk to each other over APIs.

The service is pretty much agnostic as to where these applications run and can hence be used no matter whether a service runs on premises, in a public or private cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment.

“We’re at a critical juncture in software, where applications are continuing to break down into smaller distributed services. These services are generating billions of discrete events across a host of cloud and on-premise infrastructure,” said’s CEO Chad Arimura in today’s announcement. “ is the glue ensuring those compute tasks always happen no matter the scale, enabling Enterprises to rapidly deploy new applications.”

Some of the company’s current customers include Hotel Tonight, which uses it as part of its real-time hotel availability generators, and Bleacher Report, which uses the platform to push real-time updates to its millions of mobile app users. says the new funding will go to growing the company’s teams in engineering, sales, marketing and customer support (that’s all of the company, basically).