This Week On Bullish: Bitcoin Is Coming To A Block Near You

Hello friends, and welcome back to another episode of Bullish, TechCrunch’s first talk show. This week, Sonny Singh of Bitpay swung by TCSFHQ to help us dig into the current commercial side of bitcoin: Is the pace of adoption accelerating, is bitcoin’s community itself becoming stronger, and, of course, where do both Bitpay and Sonny land in the Great Block Size Debate.

At stake is pace. In the current value and attention trough that bitcoin finds itself in, tracking how well its larger ecosystem performs becomes altogether more difficult as otherwise-obvious health signals, such as price increases, are in short supply.

The backdrop to that question is the code that makes bitcoin what it is. Developers, activists, and fans alike are currently wrangling with how to make decisions concerning the future of bitcoin’s core zeroes and ones, while also allowing for its decentralized nature to remain its soul. It seems that most leaders in the space are coalescing around a decision to raise the size of a bitcoin block to eight megabytes, from its current limit of one.

If you are a bitcoin fan, you might have seen a recent video from TechCrunch about the block size question itself, and the future of bitcoin development. If you haven’t, it’s here, so if you like this whole bitcoin thing, we have more for you.

Singh previously came on TCBTC, TechCrunch’s bitcoin podcast. It’s great to have him back in the studio.

Bullish airs every Wednesday morning at 7 am Pacific, and 10 am Eastern. We’ll see you all soon.