TechCrunch’s New Show, Bullish, Launches Tomorrow

TechCrunch is launching a new show tomorrow called Bullish, hosted by your humble servant. The show will air every Wednesday at 10 a.m. Eastern. Bullish isn’t quite like our usual video fare at TechCrunch, so expect a different tone than the one you enjoy on Cribs and CrunchWeek.

Each week we’ll tackle a topic, interviewing someone with intimate knowledge of that space. We’re going to try to stay away from asking people about their startups or portfolios; hearing people talk about their own game can be a dull riff. Instead, we’re going to bring in a motley crew from across Silicon Valley’s diverse talent pool, and try to get under the skin of what is really driving technology today.

The show, I can promise, is not an elaborate ruse to get me into makeup and a tie, although those are both effects of its existence. I’m incredibly excited about Bullish, so let’s have some fun, tell some jokes, and call bullshit when it’s warranted.

See you all tomorrow morning.