Apple Updates Logic Pro X Music Program With Alchemy Synth And Support For Apple Music’s Connect

Apple’s professional-level music creation tool, Logic Pro X, just received a major update today (10.2) that adds the well-known Alchemy synthesizer into the mix, while also allowing artists using the product a more seamless means of sharing their work with fans via Apple Music’s Connect feature.

This is the second major update to come to Logic Pro X this year, and like the previous update, is available for free to existing owners of the program. The full suite still goes for $199.

The Alchemy sample manipulation synth is definitely a major upgrade to the suite, helping casual users find new samples while providing power users sophisticated means to craft the perfect sound.

On the technical end, Alchemy notably boasts multiple synthesis engines and advanced morphing features that allow producers to really dial in on the exact sound they have in mind or play around until they find something better. A feature called Transform Pad lets users choose up to eight samples and load them into an onscreen control where they can reshape sounds by moving an onscreen cursor.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.47.30 AM

As far as controls, Apple is also aiming to make this tool more accessible to users that aren’t fully versed in the intricacies of synth techniques and has introduced a number of performance controls in this update to help users build and adjust their sounds more easily.

Logic Pro X 10.2 also gives users the option of dropping 14GB of content on their drives, with thousands of sounds that Apple notes are aimed heavily towards electronic artists crafting EDM, trap and hip-hop tunes.

In addition to all of the crazy new synth features, Apple is also giving Logic Pro X 10.2 a closer tie-in with Apple Music, allowing artists to share works-in-progress and finished tunes directly with fans over the service’s Connect feature.

In addition to the major update to Logic Pro X, Apple is also releasing updates to Logic Remote (1.2.2) for iPad in the App Store and MainStage (3.2) on the Mac App Store.