Dropbox CEO Drew Houston Will Tell Dropbox’s Story At TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015

Dropbox is perhaps one of the companies in the toughest position in Silicon Valley right now. It’s been a darling in the eyes of the tech industry, rising to a $10 billion valuation as of last year. But since then, the company has found its online storage business under attack from all sides from giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft.

There are dozens of questions for Dropbox, and we’re super excited to announce that CEO Drew Houston will be at Disrupt SF 2015 to answer those questions on-stage.

Houston’s had a tough job in recent years, trying to tell the story of Dropbox as it continues to grow amid criticism that its business — selling cloud storage — is becoming commoditized. Dropbox now has more than 400 million registered users, and the company isn’t done making new tools, either. Dropbox redesigned its Android application and also recently launched a tool that allows users to request files from people that aren’t on Dropbox.

In recent years it’s been aggressively building out its enterprise business — a service geared toward big companies that isn’t just about cloud storage. Instead, it’s a suite of services that sit on top of that storage that’s supposed to help businesses collaborate and share files and, of course, drive Dropbox’s business. Dropbox says it has more than 100,000 paying business customers.

It also hired a new COO last year, bringing on Dennis Woodside — the former head of Motorola — to help wrangle the company in a new world where online storage is quickly becoming commoditized. Dropbox isn’t just about online storage any more, but it’s still up to the company to figure out a new way to tell that story to the world.

You can find out what that story will be when Houston takes the stage at Disrupt SF 2015, which will be held from September 21st to September 23rd at the historic Pier 70.

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