Obama Is #TeamSpotify, White House Releases Two #POTUSPlaylists

The Commander and Chief has just made his music streaming service allegiances known. The White House released a pair of playlists Friday morning that were allegedly hand-picked by Obama himself.


Were they on Apple Music?


How about Tidal?

Forget about it.

Two iterations of “The President’s Summer Playlist” were released, with both “Day” and “Night” varieties made available on Spotify.

[tweet https://twitter.com/Spotify/status/632216483406348288 align=’center’]

The duo of presidential playlists drop as President Obama is halfway through a relaxing vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. The White House Comms team probably released the very chill (it has a Florence + The Machines track), very safe (no Die Antwoord songs here) Obama playlists to give the American people a relatable moment with President Obama as he takes a breather at a very un-relatable $12 million Martha’s Vineyard estate.

The playlists themselves are diverse in their lazy summer tune selections, though I will say I have a hard time believing that the leader of the free world spends his quiet moments listening to The Lumineers or Justin Timberlake’s “Pusher Love Girl,” but the playlists are pretty strong otherwise with jams from Joni Mitchell, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and John Coltrane.

Obama may not have posted the tracks out on Tidal, but he did include a Beyonce track on the list, so maybe him and Jay Z will be all good, but my real question is: what will Neil Young think about this slight?

Poor PonoMusic.