Periscope Has 10M Registered Users Watching 40 Years Of Video Per Day

Periscope may have just hit the impressive milestone of 10 million registered users after just four months, but what it wants you to focus on is the sheer volume of video content that its users are streaming: nearly 40 years of watch time every day from its iOS and Android apps.

The lifetime of content, which amounts to just over 350,000 hours of video streamed per day, doesn’t even include the videos viewed through browsers on, as the service is still looking to track Time Watched on that medium more precisely.


Periscope detailed in a blog post why the service was prioritizing Time Watched over more conventional metrics like monthly active users:

Optimizing for DAU/MAU doesn’t properly motivate our team to create a product that people love. Here’s why: if we were motivated to grow DAU, we’d be incentivized to invest in a host of conventional growth hacks, viral mechanics, and marketing to drive up downloads. This direction doesn’t necessarily lead to a better product, or lead to success for Periscopers.

Kayvon Beykpour, Periscope’s cofounder and CEO, held a Q&A periscope stream earlier today discussing the post and Periscope’s growth thus far.

He unveiled some interesting factoids regarding the growth of the service thus far.

  • Periscope’s rise in the first few days was meteoric and it registered over a million users after being live just ten days.
  • The company currently has 23 full-time employees to manage the growing service.
  • Beykpour is happy with Twitter’s support of the service. “Twitter has thrown an incredible amount of resources at Periscope”
    • Beykpour said that right now advertising is nowhere near the top of their minds.

While answering user questions he also hinted at some upcoming features that the Periscope team had been working on.

  • The company is working on ways to reduce spam and abuse on the platform.
  • He’s considering adding a fast-forward option in replays.
  • The team is working on adding a landscape viewing mode to the app.