InboxVudu, The AI-Based Email Prioritizer, Launches An App For iOS And Apple Watch

InboxVudu, the system that helps you prioritize important emails, is today launching an iOS app and an Apple Watch app.

The service uses machine learning to recognize phrases and sentences that may indicate an important email, and packages those priority messages into a little digest for you. InboxVudu also puts task-based requests into a task list for you, and sends instant alerts for the most high-priority messages.

With the launch of the iOS app, users will be able to take that assistive functionality over to mobile. Beyond that, the app will offer summarizations of important emails and follow-up reminders for messages that shouldn’t have been ignored. For the most high-priority emails, the app will deliver key information via lock screen notifications so that users don’t have to dive all the way into their inbox to complete a task or request.

Though the desktop extension and the iOS share a lot of common features, the Apple Watch diverges a bit to be useful on the wrist. For the Watch app, users are only notified of their most high-priority messages so that they aren’t constantly getting pinged on the wrist. Plus, the Watch app offers quick reply buttons (with messages like Yes, No, and Thank You) that are surfaced based on the content in the original email.

For example, if an email thread about planning a call comes up, the InboxVudu Watch app will offer a button to send your phone number without having to type it out.

Alongside the launch of the iOS app and the Watch app, Inbox Vudu is also introducing Slack channel integration, letting users connect their Slack account to their inbox to receive high priority messages within Slack.

You can check out InboxVudu for yourself right here.

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