T-Mobile Adds Apple Music To Its Data-Free Music Freedom Plan

T-Mobile, specifically its eccentric CEO John Legere, announced a couple pretty major initiatives with Apple today that, amongst other things, feature free Apple Music streaming and an upgraded iPhone trade-in plan.

Music Freedom, a pretty sweet “#Uncarrier” initiative from T-Mobile, makes sure that streamed tunes from various music apps don’t eat into your allotted data. Today, T-Mobile announced that it would be adding Apple Music streaming to the service as well. Legere specified that as of now, the services covered by Music Freedom accounted for 95% of music streamed in the United States.

Legere also announced an update to its JUMP! On Demand iPhone trade-in program. Customers have been able to rent a new iPhone on the service for $15 a month and when a new model of the iPhone (or any other phone) came out, they could trade-in their old phone and upgrade to the new model.  The company already has one of the better deals of the big telecoms, but today they announced that customers who bought an iPhone 6 this summer, could lock-in the $15 rate for the next iPhone when it comes out, given that they customers trade in a working phone at the time of purchase.

A little confusing, but not a bad deal, especially when considering that similar deals from other phone companies all hover around $20 a month for the same promotion.

On a side note, god love John Legere. The bombastic T-Mobile CEO may be annoying as all hell, but he never fails to entertain. T-Mobile actually had some major news with Apple today, and he chose to preface it with a patented tirade against “those greedy bastards,” AT&T and Verizon. Check out the video below to gain some insight on the new programs and his ego.