ClubHouse Is Like Salesforce For The Engineering Team

In this day and age, the entrepreneurial spirit has been awakened in even those that can’t build software, which can make the engineering team a slightly mysterious entity.

ClubHouse, founded by Kurt Schrader and Andrew Childs formerly of Intent Media, aims to bring more transparency and predictive models to the process of engineering. The company has raised $2 million in seed thus far.

The system is meant to replace competitors like Trello, with very simple models, all the way up to the more complex offerings like Jira, to understand what all the different pieces of an engineering team are doing throughout the day.

The idea behind ClubHouse is that it integrates with the tools engineers are already using, whether they’re front-end, back-end or database, and helps them not only communicate with each other but give a generalized picture of the progress of any given project. ClubHouse works with very small teams, and as the company grows and adds more power to the engineering team, scale up alongside them.

The UI looks very similar to a Trello board, but cofounder Kurt Schrader explains that the ability to zoom in and out of those moving pieces is what makes ClubHouse very different from competitors.

“Consider a Google Map view of Manhattan,” said Schrader. “At first you just see the island, but when you zoom in you start to see major streets and big landmarks, and when you zoom further you get a picture of smaller streets and subway stations, and eventually you could zoom all the way into street view and look at a building.”

The ability to zoom in and out of various projects and see what each piece of the engineering team is contributing, and at what pace, offers the ability to mark down a more realistic deadline that other parts of the team (from sales, to marketing, to design) can use for their own work.

Right now the product is free for teams to use, with plans to add a model similar to Slack that chargers per person, per month.

You can check out ClubHouse for yourself right here.